Ronel, founder of Zonkie Montessori reminiscing…

When I look back on the past 30 years, curriculums, evaluation and disciplinary procedures have changed…and often resurfaced as ‘new' solutions.

Veteran teachers smile and nod an unspoken: “we've been here before…”

At the same time, I am excited to see how new, young teachers reintroduce and help shape old practices with fresh energy and enthusiasm that is awe inspiring.

This generation does me proud. Zonkies has always truly been blessed with wonderful teachers with vision, dedication and passion. I know Zonkies have a bright future with them.

New technology is rapidly changing our profession. Yet, the basics of love and respect, patience and compassion will always have a place in the classroom for as long as there are teachers whose calling it is to teach.

I have taught children of many cultures, races and backgrounds. I have learned lessons of embracing and loving in that wonderful place called a classroom, where my learners know we are a family. There we work tirelessly to nurture them, so they can safely grow.

Looking on the past thirty years, I realize that maybe I was the one who learned the most…

Looking to the future, I feel inspired and want to quote Proverbs and say:

‘I laugh at the days to come” because I know in Whose hands it is!


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